I really want to get my ex boyfriend back. I dumped him after we had a huge fight and I saw him the other day with another girl. I didn't think I'd miss him at all, but when I saw him with that other girl I realized I made a huge mistake. Help me get him back please!


Great question. It's not uncommon to realize how much we love our ex's until they're gone. If you find yourself in this situation don't worry, lots of relationships end prematurely. Luckily for you there are many things you can do to get him to notice you again with out you looking desperate. I've listed 5 deadly and effective methods you can use on your ex boyfriend below.

How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back - Method 1

This method will drive your ex boyfriend nuts. In this day and age when everything is digital and impersonal you want to do something completely different and get his attention other than sending a text message. What I suggest you do is write him a personal letter. It doesn't matter if it's handwritten or typed but he's got to have something physical to hold so he can remember you and look at it often. The objective of you letter is to have him realize how good you were together as a couple, so try not to come across as desperate and needy. Instead, remind him of the good times you had together.Also, scent your letter with your boyfriend's favorite purfume. Nothing will remind him of you faster than his favorite smell.

How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back - Method 2

Stay strong. Don't let your ex see your pain or give him any indication that the break up has negatively affected you. Try your best to carry on with life and show him that you're a strong, independant person who can survive with out him. Men only realize the loss of a relationship when a woman has moved on, until then they still feel like they can have you back when ever they want. So if you go on and live your life and make it appear like you've totally moved on and are over him, that's when he'll start to miss you.

How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back - Method 3

Become his friend. Just because the relationship between you two didn't work out doesn't mean you can't still be friends and the best part is that since you've already dated him, you know his likes and dislikes. What you really want to accomplish from this is to become his confidante and have him see you in a new light. Become the person he goes to when he has problems or issues with other women. As this progresses, so will your feelings for each other. The other advantage to being his friend is that you can show him that no other woman understands him like you do.

How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back - Method 4

Make him jealous. I know it sounds petty, but keep reading. Make sure that your ex sees you with someone else, preferably a guy he doesn't like because it will make him feel insecure and even a little angry. He'll start to question the break up and ask himself if he made a mistake by letting you go. Also, ensure that your ex sees you being treated like a queen from your "new" guy. This is almost guaranteed to have your ex compare himself to your new beau and tell himself that he could treat you even better. Guaranteed this will open his eyes.

How to Get Ex Boyfriend Back - Method 5

Befriend his new woman. In the case where your ex has moved on before you did, you need to take things a step further by becoming her friend. Manipulating your ex is easier when you're on the inside because you're able to influence both parties. Also, take the high road when it comes to dealing with your ex's new woman. Don't be catty. Be polite and nice, let both him and her see that you're a genuinely nice person who puts their interests first. Only then will you be able to eliminate her from the picture.

There are many more ways to get your ex boyfriend back and I've only listed 5 of them. Before you try any of these, first ask yourself the question " Why do I want him back?" If you're only doing it to boost your ego, then let it go. But, if after your self examination, you discover that you truly love him and want him back again because you're a good fit for each other, the go out and get him!